Spray Injection Pothole & Pavement Defect Repair

Prestige Patching is a Saskatchewan-based mobile asphalt repair company that uses an environmentally friendly, spray injection process to repair potholes and cracks in a matter of minutes.

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Who We Are

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About Prestige Patching

We are a Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan based mobile asphalt repair company that uses a state-of-the-art repair process to repair potholes or cracks in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Our unique “Prestige Patching” process originated in Europe and is brand new to Canada. It leaves a long-lasting, level repair which can be opened to traffic immediately, dramatically reducing your maintenance costs. Our mobile driveway and parking lot repair unit provides innovative, quality, cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients throughout urban and rural Saskatchewan.

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What We Do

Saskatchewan mobile repair machine provides asphalt repairs, emergency pothole repairs and preventative maintenance to municipal, rural and residential customers throughout Saskatchewan.

What is Prestige Patching?

Our mobile repair machine provides asphalt repairs, emergency pothole repairs and preventative maintenance to municipal, rural and residential customers throughout Saskatchewan.

Our equipment

As well as offering our premium services to repair and prevent further damage to your asphalt, Prestige Patching machines are also available to purchase, to any Canadian provinces outside of Saskatchewan.

With our flexible machine servicing contracts, emulsion and aggregate supply chain expertise and elite training team – we aim to provide you with a quality, cost-effective and efficient solution.

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Our product

The aggregate Prestige Patching uses is a mix of 3-6 mm rock which eliminates voids in the patch (compared to using an 8 or 9 mm rock).

The emulsion is cationic. The major advantage of using cationic emulsion is that it is formulated to chemically break.

Conventional emulsions typically rely on simple evaporation mechanisms to drive off water and therefore, break and set. This means that if it is very humid or cool out, the emulsion will take longer to set. Our cationic emulsion is designed to break quicker or slower which is tailored to meet the needs and climate of Saskatchewan, by modifying the chemistry.

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What does it fix?

We fix asphalt defects such as potholes and cracks on all types of surfaces throughout Saskatchewan, from busy urban centres to smaller homes and farms, including:

  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Carports
  • Sidewalks
  • Private & Public Roadways
  • Highways

How does it help me?

We saw a need for an alternative solution to pavement repairs. Infrastructure is failing and our Saskatchewan climate is hard on pavement, old and new. This is to be used as a repair, not a full asphalt replacement. It is a preventative repair process with a unique technology that has the below features.



It only takes 3 workers to complete the job as opposed to 5 with traditional patching.

Saves You Money

Saves You Money

It is a third of the cost when compared to conventional patching.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Its carbon footprint is 80% less than with traditional patching. We don’t need to cut out pavement during the repair which creates less waste and the process is 100% cold applied.

Saves You Time

Saves You Time

Compaction levels are better than conventional methods due to the layer by layer compaction from the bottom up, not top down. This means repairs can be opened to traffic immediately.

40% Water Based

40% Water Based

The emulsion is water soluble and also seals the bottom of the hole so groundwater can’t get up – it bonds to the existing pavement.

Prestige Patching is higher quality and more flexible

High Quality & Flexible

The materials are injected, therefore, there are no voids in the patching and the flexibility in the product, means no cracking.

Prestige Patching lasts longer

Lasts Longer

Prestige Patching adds an extra 3-5 years before full replacement is needed, when compared to traditional methods.

Velocity Patching

The Velocity Name

Prestige Patching is fully supported by our manufacturer, Velocity, who have 16 years experience in the patching industry.

How It Works

Our innovative 3-step pothole repair process is more cost effective, is faster and more efficient than traditional pothole and crack repair methods and provides a long term solution for all types of asphalt surface defects.

Prestige Patching can repair a pothole in about two minutes – a fraction of the time it usually takes a conventional repair gang to do the job.

The combination of our highly-skilled teams and specialist repair vehicles means the process leaves a level repair that is quickly ready to be opened to traffic.

The 3-Step Repair Process

High-velocity air
potholes and cracks, driveways

Step 1

High-velocity air is used to remove all dust and debris from the defect.

cold bitumen emulsion
pothole and crack repair

Step 2

A cold bitumen emulsion is forced into every crack and crevice, sealing the defect and protecting it by preventing the ingress of water.

aggregate mix
pothole and crack repair

Step 3

The aggregate mix is fired at high velocity through the delivery hose, evenly coating the granules with bitumen emulsion.

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